Does the World really need another book about Safety Culture? Were this a book about how to engineer, create, build, or manage your Safety Culture, the answer would be a clear NO! However, this is not one of those books. This book is not a Safety Culture as the Path to Bliss in Five Steps-type text. This book is about thinking critically about Safety Culture. The world desperately needs books with that perspective.

Structured into six parts, around forty compact chapters discuss Safety Culture discourse, approaches, and applications critically. For example, whether we should see culture as a tool to fix something or rather as a lens to study and understand. And if you ever wanted to become a culture architect, hopefully you will think twice after reading this.

The book also tries to offer some useful and practical suggestions for different (possibly even better) approaches, or at least different ways to think about these subjects. These suggestions for more fruitful ways forward include The First Rule of Safety Culture.


"A great example of curiosity and Nietzschean anxiety!" (Anthony 'Smokes' Smoker) 


See the contents of The First Rule of Safety Culture.


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