Paper for the International Rail Safety Council 2014 in Berlin October 2014

written by Carsten Busch, Kjetil Gjønnes and Mona Tveraaen


SUMMARY (full paper is available here)

What’s in it for us - that was the leading principle that Jernbaneverket followed when implementing the Common Safety Method on Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM-RA). This paper, based on practical experiences, describes how to benefit from the CSM-RA; by both making the best out of the smart elements in the process described in the CSM-RA and by organizing internally. It also discusses challenges that have been experienced with the application of the CSM-RA. This paper contains among others the following points:

  • The CSM-RA has added value instead of being an administrative burden.
  • Flexible application makes it useful for any project/change, not only for significant changes.
  • A practical, mainly qualitative approach has given a wider involvement and understanding outside the exclusive circle of risk experts, and hence a better basis for informed management decisions and for safety management.
  • Internally organized Independent Assessment Body can facilitate experience transfer and organisational learning while maintaining independence.
  • A pool of multi-disciplined professionals helps to build and maintain competence.

So what was in it for us? If applied in a reasonable way the process may give better organisational learning, more transparent and risk based decisions and – yet to be proven – the expected added value of a safety management that goes beyond the decision point and truly ensures lifecycle safety.


Awarded Best Presentation at the IRSC 2014